July 30, 2019

Request personal payday loans online without a guarantor

Request personal payday loans online without a guarantor: how it works

Request personal loans online without a guarantor: how it works

Let’s start from the premise that the request for online personal payday loans without guarantor is equivalent to climbing a rocky wall with bare hands: difficult, complicated but not impossible. In fact, the chances of obtaining a loan decrease significantly if a continuous income cannot be demonstrated, and if there is not even a third person ready to ‘guarantee’ the loan application with its resources.

Guarantor to start a business project

Yet there are the same possibilities, though not many. One of these is the honor loan, usually provided through public funds to the unemployed or to other subjects belonging to disadvantaged categories to open a business. To receive it you do not need to have a pay slip or a guarantor, just present a good business project. Technically it is not really a personal loan, because the beneficiary cannot have the funds at his leisure, but it is still a good opportunity.

The students, who obviously do not work and can hardly propose any kind of guarantee, have instead the opportunity to access the fiduciary loan, which is granted on favorable terms by banks or financial companies affiliated with schools or universities, to facilitate completely the studies or for enrollment in a post-graduate Master’s degree. Obviously deserving students and those with low family income are privileged.

Among the categories of people who can try to apply for personal payday loans online without a guarantor we also put those who do not work full-time (or do not work at all) but still have other income : for example the rent of a property, of a land or any other fixed entrance.

Then there are further possibilities given by the loans issued and mortgages, but they are solutions that we recommend using with pliers, after careful and thorough evaluation, because they present numerous risks. In both cases, in fact, against a liquidity obtained of a few thousand euros there is the danger, in the event of insolvency, of having much more valuable assets stolen. And maybe the game is not worth the candle.